“Creating pieces for the sophisticated woman that can be worn during the day as well as the evening, whilst keeping them exclusive and unique, is something we strive for during the design process” - Haig Avakian.

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The Riviera collection – reminiscent of the sun, sand and the Mediterranean sea – dwells on the play of colour. Capturing an exotic Mediterranean vibe, Avakian’s elegant Riviera collection glows with the sparkle of precious stones and vibrant interchangeable beads.

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Scintillating summer strolls featuring the beautiful @ann.andresadorning our latest red coral Gatsby Collection earrings matched with a rose gold Lady Concept timepiece, set with diamonds on our signature pink mosaic rubber strap.

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L’agence a conçu trois minis films digitaux destinée à Instagram. Tournées à Nice avec le modèle Anna Andres, les images reflètent l'élégance, l'exotisme, l'excellence de cette grande maison.


Brand : Avakian - @avakian_official
Agency / Production : SPOA - @bySPOA
Model : Anna Andres - @ann.andres
Directors : Ange Raynaud - @ange.raynaud & Antoine Brun - @antoinebh
Producer : Orel SIMON - @orelsimonspoa
Line producer : Guillemette Cornerfert - @guillemette_prod

Music : The Weeknd