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From the mine to the red carpet: SPOA designed, produced and declined 2 digital sagas #TheDiamondStory & #TheArtofdeGrisogono.


Follow the route of the two most outstanding rough diamonds in the world. The story started on Instagram on January 5, 2017.

SPOA is proud to accompany Gem Diamonds in the revealing operation of the 5th largest gem quality diamond: the Lesotho Legend. Through a global content operation, we covered the unveiling of this unbelievable gem in the Letseng mine, settled in the Kingdom of Lesotho, then its analysis in the Antwerp office. 


The 12th of March 2018, Gem Diamonds announcing to the press and the entire world the exceptional sale of the Lesotho Legend for 40 000 000 $.

Brand Content / Lifestyle Special Operations

Mette Towley

de Grisogono

Years of Passion

de Grisogono X Jenaye Noah

Years of Passion

Book by SPOA for de Grisogono

Love On The Rock

de Grisogono

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The Lesotho Legend


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