Orel SIMON is the president & producer of SPOA FILMS & DIGITAL a Paris based digital agency with an integrated content production department. SPOA is specialized in high quality contents & digital strategies for luxury, fashion brands & entertainment companies.



At 19 years old, Orel SIMON created his first production agency, his main clients were the musical bigwigs - Universal, Sony, EMI - where he worked on the image & video content on the launching & release in France of acts such as Gorillaz, Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, Daft Punk… 2 years later EMI Music France asked Orel to create an internal department for creative video and film production, which he did. And for almost 4 years he built and drove this studio with a dedicated team he built, working in different fields: music video production, TV & Viral campaigns, Live shows, new medias products…


All the while, a strange idea was dancing around in his head. Back then David Guetta was the next huge thing and the DJs were becoming megastars. From his side, Orel wanted to transform an English grandmother into a superstar DJ. He was free to think, develop and strategize this vision to make it reality. "You can sit on your backside and do nothing… or you can get up and fight !"


He find Ruth Flowers, a pretty grandmother from Bristol, in the UK. He had to conjure up an impactful image working with a stylist - and Mamy Rock was born with her giant shades, silver hair and her trademark style! Then in order to create a buzz around this DJing granny, he managed to book her slots at the most prestigious parties of the Cannes Film Festival, and he put her on the red carpet, in front of the world TVs and other medias ! Many articles came out and Mamy Rock suddenly became a worldwide phenomenon. After dealing a media operations with Adidas, some Fashions Weeks & Les Galleries Lafayette, Orel succeed to bring her to the high fashion stage, as she became a "Fashion Icone & a role model" according Vanity fair & TIMES Magazine ! The by-product of these efforts meant that Mamy Rock was put on the stage of TV and medias & became global ! After 5 years Mamy Rock is still touring the world as one of its most famous DJs. Orel developped and produced a TV show project called "Rock It Granny" -currently in production-) focusing on this epic, and unexpected success of an 80 years old british lady.


Meanwhile, Orel opened his 2nd agency & production company SPOA*FILMS & DIGITAL (a leading structure working on different fields and various domain such as Films, music videos, commercials, TV programs, new medias including digital Brand content for Luxe, Musical & Fashion industry.


In 2013, Orel has co-produced his 1st short fiction "LAPSUS" directed by Karim Ouaret, which has been multi-awarded and is actually represented in many prestigious film festival around the globe.


Now SPOA is growing up every year and is becoming a main act on the production of television & digital content, bringing new prestigious clients as Air France, Renault Universal, Sony, Orange, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Chopard, Les Galeries Lafayette, Canal+ group, Mondadori, EMI, Havas Group, Jean-Paul Gaultier Adidas, Endemol, Who's Next, Paris Capital of Creation, Lagardère, TF1, M6…

SPOA - 60 Avenue VICTOR HUGO 75016 PARIS FRANCE  //  TEL: +33 1 83 62 10 10  //   MAIL: hello@spoagency.com


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