BIO //

I was born and raised in France. As a child I was constantly creating art through paintings and drawings. Often times I would find myself daydreaming about shapes, colors and far away places. One day I picked up a camera and essentially fell in love. My friends and family joke that I can always be found behind the lens of a camera. I grew to love photography.  I was able to convey my vision by the aid of a camera. I felt empowered.


At the age of 23, I packed up my camera and moved to Los Angeles. I  have dedicated my life to photography, working for different fashion brands creating lookbooks/catalogs, lifestyle storytelling, launching fashion ad campaigns and producing magazine editorials.


Self taught and self made, I have honed in my skills and believe that they are now beautifully represented in my work. I enjoy working with natural light and movement in order to capture the magic of a single moment.


For me, being a photographer is a perpetual challenge, to create and present a variety of images, while in constant search of inspiration and new horizons.


Mathilde is now represented by SPOA.



Elegant magazine, Astound magazine, Fashion World, Dreamingless, Mith magazine, NotIndoor magazine, House of Solo, Solis magazine, LFM magazine, Idigic…

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