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Ever dreamed, ever wanted, after billions of years, a work of art created by Mother Nature has been discovered: the Constellation. After 4 years of work, a historical emerald-cut stone of 313-carat was unveiled at the Dubai Diamond Conference through this documentary film produced by SPOA for DMCC & Nemesis.


Working hand-in-hand with SPOA agency since years, Nemesis has chosen the diamonds and luxury experience of the agency to create & produce an emotional documentary film, in order to show the world this once-in-a-lifetime discovery and “first UAE-crafted stone of its importance.”


Remember the 813 Carat Diamond found 4 years ago in Botswana. Analyzed, cut and polished by the highest excellence of diamond industry in Dubaï, at Almas Diamonds Services DMCC, after 18 months of work using traditional and next generation technologies, the diamond unleashed its true magic. 8 perfect diamonds, including the largest D-color diamond of 313- Crt ever discover in the world & graded by the GIA.

A Masterpiece

The constellation 1, a Legacy among the stars, presented as a masterpiece, rather than just as the world’s most valuable rough diamond.

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Produced by SPOA - @spoa

Director : Orel Simon - @orelsimonspoa

DOP : Bertrand Marin

Image : Clément Beauvois, Guillaume Juin, Bertrand Marin

Production manager : Edmond Isoardy - @4yo_ed

Production assistant : Pauline Pinot

Local fixer : Marck Dick

Set designer : Jessica Abinnassif

Editor : Tommy Langeois

SFX 3D : Natacha Lobanova

SFX 2D animation : Le Truc avec Fabrice Rabhi

Technical crew Dubai : Media Crew

Color grading : Théophile Rausch @theophile_rausch

Mix : Antoine Bourdain

Stock shots nature : Frames Dealer - @framedealer

Stock shots UAE : Chopper Shoot - @choppershootuae

Music : BBMG


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